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2910 USD

AM1115L Prometheus Lateral


The ancient Greek, Prometheus, gave to mortals what was re-served for the gods “fire”. Here, a simple yet elegant construction creates a timeless light – a ring of ‘ flames’. With the gift of fire, Prometheus allowed humanity to develop… Simple yet elegant construction with warm white LED, natural uncut quartz crystals attached* with rare earth magnets, and a classic bronze ring, creates a timeless light. Greek philosophy’s quest was to distill all things to their essence, their most elemental. Whether in Euclid’s elements of geometry or Democritus’ first concept of the atom, Greek thought explored the possibilities of nature’s abstracted and universal essence. Naturally occurring quartz crystals appear to have grown by Mother Nature, and lit themselves from the inside, illustrating an explorations of pure natural expression. Quartz crystals point up like a crown. Prometheus II Quartz crystals point down like the Sword of Damocles. All crystals will differ in size, shape and scale with every fixture. At Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design, we supply and manufacturer many highly sought after designer pieces, All Chandelier can be customized by number of lights, style, color and size to meet your specific needs. Every chandelier can also be combined with a matching table lamp and wall lamp to accomplish the best room design.


Collection: Organic

Size: 35” Dia x 3" Height  (Custom sizes also available)

Shape: Ring Pendant

Frame Finish: Satin, Hand-rubbed or Mirror-polished Brass; Mottled or Dark Bronze; Brushed or Mirror-polished Stainless Steel(Different frame finish options also available at no additional cost)

Materials:  Brass, Quartz Crystal, Copper, Iron, Polymer

Weight: 71 lbs.

Extension: Adjustable cables for a customizable length up to 12 ft.

Bulbs: Lights Watt 110V USA/220 V Europe -candelabra bulbs (included)

Assembly: Fully assembled

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: Free Door-To-Door Shipping Worldwide

Rush Order: 4-8 Weeks; 15% added to total

Regular Lead Time: 8-10 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement)



18” Dia x 3" Height $1,882.00
24” Dia x 3" Height$2,910.00
30” Dia x 5" Height$3,547.00
36” Dia x 5" Height (as shown on photo)   $4,618.00
42” Dia x 6" Height$5,170.00
50” Dia x 6" Height$5,887.00
60” Dia x 6" Height$6,217.00