Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design


1950 USD




The concept behind Rain is illuminating: a multi-sensory experience of sight and sound that invites touch and interaction. Rain captures the shimmery sparkle of raindrops frozen in descent and voices a whimsy chime of flutes. Individual drops are visually quite subtle, but gain tremendous strength when multiplied and clustered in large groups. It is a playful piece with the sleekness of a design classic that is suitable for residential and commercial use. We often speak of designs having an organic profile or a naturalistic silhouette, but it’s rare to come across a piece that captures the multi-sensorial experience of outdoor phenomena. In this regard, Rain chandelier is the exception to the norm. The piece combines the musicality of the hanging chime, the illuminating allure of filtered light, and the tactile appeal of polished metal. Rain is essentially a pendant lamp constructed of suspended metallic cylinders lit from within. The tubes are punctuated and punctured with dozens of smallish holes, thus providing a multi-directional outlet for a profusion of luminescence. At face value, lighting can work to highlight and enhance beautiful architecture and bring an interior (or exterior) into fully realized aesthetic glory. On the flip side, poor lighting can mean that even an incredibly designed home can seem mediocre at best. The effect of scattered light is in the realm of the familiar disco ball, though Rain’s distribution of these thousand points is vertically oriented and thus manifestly unique. Indeed, the light released from Rain doesn’t so much dance about the walls as remain still in the perpetuity of an implied descent, very like a light mist amid parting clouds—when the emergent rays elucidate the mysteries of a single drop.



Shape: Rectangular cylindre pendant

Size: 30" Wide x  60" Length x 12-144" adjustable Height (Custom sizes are also available)

Material: aluminum, acrylic

Finish: Gold, Silver, Champagne (Custom finishes are available at no additional cost)

Weight: 51 Lbs

Light: 1 Light 1 Watt 12 Volt, Dimmable

Extention: adjustable 12 Feet long cable

Assembly: Fixture comes ready to install

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: Free Door-To-Door Shipping Worldwide

Rush Order: 3-4 Weeks; 15% added to total

Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)



16" Wide x  32" Length x 12-144" adjustable Height$1,950.00                                  
24" Wide x  44" Length x 12-144" adjustable Height $2,930.00
30" Wide x  60" Length x 12-144" adjustable Height $3,710.00
40" Wide x  72" Length x 12-144" adjustable Height $5,090.00