AM3001: Estadio "Ring Of Light" Glass Chandelier Lamp (30"-98" Diameter) $2,480+

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AM3001: Estadio "Ring Of Light" Glass Chandelier Lamp (30"-98" Diameter) $2,480+ 


Collection: Residential 

Size: 60” Diameter (Custom sizes also available!) 

Shape: Ring  

Frame Finish: Grey, Black Iron (Different frame finish options also available at no additional cost. See photos for additional finishes.) 

Materials: Stainless Steel Structure, Satin Nickel Ceiling Plate, Glass Blocks  

Weight: 205 lbs. (for the 42 Diameter) 

Extension: Adjustable rod comes in connectable segments for a customizable length 

up to 12 ft. each 

Bulbs: 12 x LED bulb Max. 75 W Bulb Socket: E27 (included) 

Assembly: Fully Assembled 

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes 

Shipping: Free Door-To-Door Shipping Worldwide! 

Rush Order: 3-4 Weeks; 15% added to total 

Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks        

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement) 

"The 'Ring of Light' forms a tubular structure of which the inner and outer shades are made from glass block sections that disperse the light by means of vertical light and shade streaks. The fixture literally draws in your sense of touch with its soft flowing light, originally conceived for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic stadium. Its concept predecessor is found in the ironwork luminaries used to hold up candles, and the traditional depiction of medieval chandeliers in palaces and cathedrals.  This stunning piece in Estadio's collection is a stunning fusion low key, relaxing ambiance, yet grand and would fit many tastes with it's look." 

Size Options:

30" Dia $2,480

36" Dia $3,190

42" Dia $3,879

60" Dia $5,719

98" Dia  $8,133 

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