Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design


1825 USD

AM4800 Maria Theresa Style Traditional Arms Chandelier


In the time of Maria Theresa, original beautiful pieces similar to the look of this one, adorned the ceilings of many manors and palaces across Europe. This fixture, with it elaborate crystals placed beautifully throughout, features a chrome mirror top plate and measures in at 34” x 42” in height for the size featured in the listing. We also offer additional sizes and customizations to ensure that you get just the right look for your space. Do not hesitate to ask us for a size you don't see listed. Bring a different era of history into your space with this truly an exquisite and stunning piece that will please for years to come.


Shape: Round arms pendant

Size: 34” wide x 42” height (Custom sizes are also available) (34" W shown in photos)

Crystals: Clear balls; 10mm (These are customizable)

Extension: 1-center cable; Adjustable up to 18 ft

Finish: Chrome Mirror Top Plate (Custom finishes are available at no additional cost)

Lights: 24L 110V USA/220V Europe 40W halogen bulbs (included) 

Weight: 98 lbs. (for the 34" W)

Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Assembly: Fully Assembled

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes


20" W x 22" H$1,825.00
24" W x 28" H$2,362.00
28" W x 32" H$3,220.00
34" W x 42" H$4,025.00
42" W x 52" H$5,362.00
50" W x 62" H$6,220.00
56" W x 62" H$7,980.00