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1320 USD

AM6804 Modern Meteor Shower Globe



At Alan Mizrahi Lighting we specialize in bringing lighting concepts to reality, whether your inspiration comes from a rough sketch, an existing chandelier, our original concepts, or even your own creative imagination. Large or small, our team can meet the challenge, and can even coordinate the production of a private collection, where all finishes are kept consistent. Let us create the perfect lighting fixtures for your individual needs, to your individual specifications, and with attention to detail throughout production. The “Series 14 Meteor Shower piece by Omer Arbel is a gorgeous mix of modern world and contemporary class. Arbel, who began as an architect and grew his love for lighting to create the iconic Bocci brand, designed these pieces to perfection with just the right amount of glass and “air” to create a piece that looks futuristic even as the years pass. This unique and stunning fixture features small seamed cast glass sphere pendants with a frost cylinder shaped area that holds the light-bulbs. These lights look like small candles floating in spheres of water, which give it not just a contemporary edge, but a tranquil one. Fitting to Bocci's brand name, which in English means “buds”, these tiny bubble like pendants “float” in a gorgeous, subtle fashion from above. In addition to its effortlessly chic air, it's also available in many different sizes to fit your needs and budget.



Shape: Rectangle Pendant

Size: Length: 40" Length x 14" Wide, each pendent can be adjusted up to 18 ft height.

Ceiling Plate: 1” thick

Finish: Brushed Chrome/Nickel (Custom finishes are available at no additional cost)

Material: Nickel, borosilicate Glass.

Glass: The glass is made of solid cast borosilicate glass

Lights: 40L 10 watts G9 bulbs (included) Max bulbs. Suggested: 20W

Power Supply: 12V power supply included in the canopy

Each Globe's Diameter: 4" wide

Weight: 164 lbs.

Extension: Adjustable cables for a customizable length up to 18 ft. each.

Assembly:  The glass balls need to be latched onto the base. Each piece comes with an easy to understand installation sheet for your convenience.

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: Free Worldwide

Rush Order: 4-6 Weeks; 15% added to total

Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes replacement parts)

Return Policy: No returns, but we offer a 30-day exchange period.

Tracking: Safety is our number one priority. For this reason, we aim to get our pieces to your doorstep the same way they leave our factory.  We do door-to-door delivery and do not provide tracking numbers, but will inform you when the product gets closer to delivery.  



16" Length x   8" Wide x 2” Depth                      $1320.00 (8 light)
20" Length x 10" Wide x 2” Depth $1980.00 (10 light)
24" Length x 12" Wide x 2” Depth$2970.00 (18 light)
30" Length x 14" Wide x 2” Depth $3432.00 (26 light)
36" Length x 14" Wide x 2” Depth $4128.00 (32 light)
40" Length x 14" Wide x 2” Depth $4880.00 (40 light)  (As shown)