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1879.20 USD

JK036 Turkish Ottoman Murano Glass Chandelier Lamp



With the Ottoman Empire technique, we take pride in all of our Turkish glass pieces, which are made traditionally with old methods by mouth-and then formed to its desired shape. This lamp will truly take you to a different place and time.At Alan Mizrahi Lighting Design, we supply and manufacturer many highly sought after designer pieces, All Chandelier can be customized by number of lights, style, color and size to meet your specific needs. Every chandelier can also be combined with a matching table lamp and wall lamp to accomplish the best room design. Our company provide collections that can make all your project dreams come true. Lighting products play an important role in any room setting. Hence, you need to make sure that the items you choose should brighten the room while rendering it a relaxing and welcoming feel as well.



Size: 12” Wide x 33” Length x 54” Height

Shape: Round

Glass: Laser Cut Murano Glass (Different glass options available)

Frame Finish: High Quality Brass (Different frame finish options also available at no additional cost)

Materials: Solid Metal Frame

Extension: Adjustable 12-ft cable

Bulbs: 15- E14 socket 110-240v US-CANADA-UK-EU works

Weight: 46 lbs.

Dimmer Switch Compatible: Yes

Shipping: Free Door-To-Door Shipping Worldwide

Rush Order: 3-4 Weeks; 15% added to total

Regular Lead Time: 6-8 Weeks

Warranty: 5 Years Full Coverage (includes parts replacement)



12” Wide x 33.” Length x 54” Height (8 Pendants) $1,879.20
16" Wide x 36" Length x 60" Height  (12 Pendants)$2,479.00
22" Wide x 40" Length x 66" Height  (18 Pendants)$3,230.00
30" Wide x 44" Length x 68" Height  (24 Pendants)$4,460.00
38" Wide x 48" Length x 82" Height  (38 Pendants)$8,520.00